Ministry Partners

Ministry Partners are listed alphabetically.

911 Life


Expressing the Love of the Father to the neediest in Colombia. Worship is the heart of our ministry at our newly renovated missions base in Medellin. We serve the needy but also train others to do the same through the Love of Jesus and the Power of the Holy Spirit.

A New Beginning


Our work is about getting the abandoned children of Romania into adoptive and foster families, not an orphanage and not international adoption. We employ qualified Christian social workers and psychologists to guide and encourage families before and after the adoption process.

Children of Hope


We have a long term investment with vulnerable children in the heart of Mexico. Currently, hundreds of children in our four separate children’s homes and two stand alone soup kitchens are given daily support.

Daughters of the King


A warm and loving family environment where girls can grow knowing they are valued and loved by God, heal emotionally, have all their basic needs met, grow in strong values, and receive a good education.

Food, Farm, Family

Special Location

This project is in an environment of great needs and challenges with unique safety considerations. If you would like to know more, please contact the office. Existing donors to this ministry recognize this title.

Heart of Hope


Vietnamese children living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia are provided a safe place to attend school thus breaking the cycle of trafficking and forced labor in their immigrant riverboat communities.

Hogar de Esperanza


Faith filled, family style children’s home in northern Peru, where formerly victimized and abandoned children can grow in a healthy, supportive environment. Our home is strongly connected to a strong local church body.

Indian Village Mission


Providing education, shelter and food in order to empower the vulnerable children who are denied basic needs. Through this empowerment, the children can become responsible, independent, and faithful citizens of our country. Their final goal is to make disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Isaac Children’s Home

South Korea

Situated between Seoul and the DMZ, our children’s home is perfectly located outside the gate of a national park. We provide a peaceful and safe home for about 100 orphans to become productive, responsible citizens.

Kingdom Community Builders

Memphis, TN

Asset-based community development in the inner city of Memphis. We build on existing strengths of a community and through a network of community development practitioners help develop solutions for real-life issues.

Lar Tia Edna

Located in the heart of the largest city in Brazil, our home is small by design and runs like one big, fun, dynamic family, We currently have 12 children living with us who formerly had no family or future. Our “Dad,” Henri was the fist child to come to our our children’s home over 50 years ago.

Light in the Darkness

We serve children who are at risk of being trafficked. The foundation provides a place to learn about true love, which is the love of Jesus Christ. Current operations include an education center where the children have access to computers and internet to complete their schooling requirements.

Man of Peace

After several devastating earthquakes on the western shores of Ecuador, Man of Peace was established to work specifically with children in a small community hit hard by the disaster. We desire to be used by God for His glory by providing dynamic educational programs and Christ-centered care.


OneEgg can do big things: it can change a child’s life. Animal protein is critical to cognitive and physical growth development in children – but in developing countries, this is a challenge. OneEgg and partners like you provide eggs for children across the globe to ensure protein and change lives.

Point Honduras

We are focused on meeting the daily physical, spiritual, educational, emotional and social needs of vulnerable children and by extension their families. Currently, we educate and feed 650 children a day in our 4 centers and 3 medical clinics. We’re impacting more than 200,000 families.

Premlata Community Development

Special Location

This project is in an environment of great needs and challenges with unique safety considerations. If you would like to know more, please contact the office. Existing donors to this ministry recognize this title.

Pro-Vision International

South Africa

By invitation, we undergird Servant Leaders by providing transformational mentoring, resource acquisition and management services, which build capacity into leaders’ lives and sustainability into life-giving community projects.

Pro-Visiao Mozambique

Under the umbrella of Pro-Vision International, we mentor national leaders, assist at-risk children, mentor and equip pioneer evangelists, child evangelists, and pre-school teachers in very rural school settings.

Samuel’s Sanctuary

We employ, equip, and empower at-risk young men through lifestyle discipleship as they work at our 45-acre dairy farm. Daily Bible studies, teaching, correcting, and training are a part of the transformative process of these young men.

Starfish Babies
South Africa

We initiate and execute projects to protect, uplift and support vulnerable sectors of society. We establish and support Temporary Places of Safety to care for vulnerable, unwanted, or abused babies in cases where there is endangerment, abandonment, or abuse, until they are returned to their families, fostered, or adopted.

The Harbor St. Petersburg

Emancipated orphans from state run institutions face near impossible odds for successful independent living. Our 2-year residential program has helped hundreds of former orphans successfully navigate the path.

The Harbor Kursk

We come alongside orphans and kids from at-risk families, sharing with them the necessary knowledge and skills that will enable them to thrive. The Harbor Kursk provides orphans who are both getting ready to leave the orphanage, and those who have already graduated a lifeline of support as they start out in the world beyond the orphanage walls.

Young Life
Central Asia

Reaching out to the youth of Central Asia through a variety of programs including annual camps and regular creative fun filled meetings.