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Ministry Partner Testimonials

"Supporting an administrator support staff is not glamorous, yet I believe it is the most significant way possible to leverage your financial giving to missions… Orphanos’ ability to be so efficient in their service in a HUGE blessing to all those on the field. It allows the ministries to go on unhindered in the midst of otherwise very chaotic circumstances."

Melinda Cathey
Co-founder of The Harbor, St. Petersburg, Russia

"With [the money I save] I am able to purchase books and materials to do Bible studies and discipleship times, take kids out for their birthday to the movies, dinner, etc. But I think more than anything the savings allows me to bless the kids with that special one-on-one time where we go out for ice cream or coffee to talk about real-life issues."

Erika Salem
Missionary with Treasure House, Mexico

"The Harbor has three outreaches: the residential program, training center and the young single mothers program. When we were under another organization we had to pay an annual administrative fee of about $20,000-$25,000. When we moved to Orphanos it gave us extra funds that we have been able to use to reach more children.

  • We could reach an additional 11 to 13 residents.
  • We could reach an additional 31 to 39 orphan students.
  • We could reach an additional 33 to 41 moms/children.

Definitely I can tell you it has been an awesome move for us to be part of Orphanos.”

Alex Krutov 
Co-founder of The Harbor in St. Petersburg, Russia

"The Roseland family in Ecuador saves around $4,000 each year by being able to be under Orphanos instead of another organization. At the same time, due to the missionary care that we have received and the training that has allowed us to stay on with Orphanos for almost 8 years, we have not only saved money, but we have been able to reach over 700 children as well as taking children into our home that we probably wouldn’t have been able to if it weren’t for Orphanos.”

Richard Roseland
Missionary with It's About Kids Foundation and Jungle Kids for Christ in Ecuador

"It would be very difficult for us to do our work without Orphanos’ effort, love and constant support. We rely on them to follow up, motivate our sponsors, and communicate with our friends and donors accurately and timely as it is very important for our ministry in Colombia."

Lucy Palma
Director of La Aljaba, Leticia, Colombia

"Orphanos provides the behind the scenes administrative and spiritual support that helps us to concentrate on ministering to the hundreds of people we see each day, to facilitate the numerous individuals and teams that come each year to help with spiritual and physical work to the hundreds of children and the families we serve. Orphanos is a well respected faith-based ministry that enables donors and staff to have confidence their gifts and talents are being used for God's glory."

Dino & Melissa Roseland
Missionaries with Samuel's Sanctuary, Belize 

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