the harbor in russia



To restore thousands of lives branded as hopeless, to their God-given potential thus breaking the cycle of poverty and abandonment among Russia’s 10 million children at risk and turning them into productive citizens. To find teenage orphans who have recently left the state system and offer them real hope for a future along with the education and skills to secure it. The Harbor's core program is a residential program. Six to eight young adult orphans live together in a typical Russian apartment and function as a family along with full-time mentors who address the following life areas:

Practical Formation
Harbor staff model and coach residents in life skills such as cooking, nutrition, personal hygiene, budgeting, housekeeping, and family living.
Spiritual Formation
A Russian pastor provides encouragement in the journey of finding God and meaning in life.
Emotional and Relational Formation
Psychologists help participants wrestle with their unique issues in individual and group sessions
Educational Formation
Staff members guide participants through completion of their high school education and eligibility for technical college or university studies.
Vocational Formation
Professionals provide basic competency in technology, carpentry, English, sewing, cosmetology, etc..

Spring 2017

Say Yes to Children