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One Egg Uganda provides eggs for kids while investing in Ugandan farms and doing research to further advance the nutritional science of eggs on physical and cognitive development

Influential Research Project Taking Place in Uganda

With the support of the American Egg Board and a partnership with The University of Arkansas, we have started a project to isolate and identify the impact eggs have on children who otherwise would not have access to animal protein. Although we consistently see the impact in our before and after measurements of children who receive eggs, with the project in Uganda we have opportunity to influence larger government policy with accredited, published research. The initial results are very encouraging, and we will have more details later this summer.

Five Acres of Land Purchased in Northern Uganda

After extensive planning, an investment was made in Northern Uganda. Five acres of land were purchased, and last month we broke ground on a new farm. The current plan is to complete the first farmhouse and place chicks by July 1st, 2014. Please take a look at the IGF website for more information about our Ugandan partner, The Irene Gleeson Foundation. We are thrilled to be working closely with such an amazing operation that is run with efficiency and excellence, allowing us to partner and grow for years to come.

One Egg Seeking Out Farm Partners

In some parts of Uganda where eggs are not available, we are finding partners to invest in “for profit” farms that have the ability to create jobs and provide egg supply to the communities.

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