Heads or Tails?

I was recently listening on the radio and they were talking about lucky pennies. If the penny is heads up, then it will bring you good luck. If it is tails up, then you should flip it over so that it will bring good luck to the next person who comes along. We don’t really believe in all of those superstitions or old wives tales, but we did want to share with you a little bit of the “tails up” version of our lives for the past few months…to truly be vulnerable.... Read More
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New Year's Updates from Mozambique

Update on the Orphans Our year-end Christmas camp for the orphans, where we hired space at the Bethel Centre for 2 nights and 3 days, was a wonderful success, all glory to God. We saw MUCH growth in the children, as they practiced songs, memory verses and a play about Noah’s ark, to show that Jesus is our Ark of Salvation. The kids were really engaged in the Bible lessons and messages, because we told them they would have a chance to share each of... Read More
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New Year's Updates from Russia

Thank You and Merry Christmas! Little bit over a week ago, I have returned from Russia.  Now I am sitting in the library, looking through the window, seeing how the snow has covered the ground, the lights are shining on the houses decorated with lights, the Christmas season is now here.  As we are only a few weeks away from celebrating one of the most important holidays in the year, the birth of Christ the Savior, I hope that we will truly reflect on the meaning and... Read More
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Parties...and more parties!

Happy New Year! As our updates are always a month old, we will be talking about things happening this past year. So even though it is news that is so old that it happened “last year,” I hope you still enjoy it! One of the highlights of this past month was getting to help out with the Christmas Party at Iglesia Esperanza. This is a church that is connected with the ministry Su Casa that we have recently started volunteering with. We had spoken to Cecy at the church and let... Read More
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A Family in Motion

This edition of the Sneed Chronicle is fast paced and to the point.  As always, our lives are so chaotic and busy if we went into too much detail on anything no one would ever read to the end.  As we get started, we need to let you know for a good portion of this year we’ve had two extra humans in our family.  It’s been a wild ride at times. It’s been a pretty good year for Alyson.   But when you’re 8 years old and all your needs are met, why... Read More
Posted by Wayne Sneed at Tuesday, December 19, 2017 | 0 comments
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Hope for Zimbabwe

Dramatic events underwent in Zimbabwe over the last month. The African nation has been in free-fall for decades, especially with the massacre of 20,000 Ndebele people by the Shona ruling party and a continual oppression of citizens by the government. Former president Robert Mugabe was forced to resign last month after 37 years in power in which he was succeeded by his former ally, Emmerson Mnangagwa. The coup was actually led by Mnangagwa and security forces. Within the past several... Read More
at Thursday, December 14, 2017
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Encouraged to Love and Good Deeds

November! It's still hard to believe that the year is almost over, but it has been fun to continue to see God through the beautiful, fall colors and even the change in the temperature (even though it is cold!!!).   Since we have been here in Memphis, we have felt the desire to get involved in a ministry with people from Latin America. We have been able to go through a few different events through a church named Esperanza, but it was difficult since we are attending another... Read More
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Cat Herding

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Good things come in a dozen!

Can you believe it??? It's been 12 months!!! Exactly a year that we have been in Memphis, TN!!!! As we look over this past year, we see God’s hands over everything that we have experienced and the people that He has placed in our lives. The first few months of transition were definitely difficult as any new country and culture is, but God really brought our family even closer through it. He has given us the opportunity to really grow deeper in our faith and to minister to our... Read More
Posted by Richard Roseland at Tuesday, November 7, 2017 | 0 comments
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Autumn Celebrations in Korea

Orphanos partner, Isaac Home celebrated Chu-seok through early October. Chu-seok is the Korean thanksgiving holiday and is one of the larger holidays celebrated. It takes place in the harvest season during a full-moon (according to the lunar calendar). This year’s Chu-seok lasted a long 10 days.         Over the holiday, Isaac Home staff took the kids on a fun day trip to Nari Park about an hour outside of Seol. Nari Park is known for its vast... Read More
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Say Yes to Children