New Chapter: Memphis, TN

The tornado has stopped and we are beginning to pick up the pieces. It completely wiped the house off its foundation, but at least our foundation is here. Clothing, furniture, and random belongings are strewn about and sometimes just looking at it can be overwhelming. Amazing people have pitched in to help sift through the rubble, but now they are gone and it is up to us to rebuild and begin again. This we feel is a metaphor for our last 5 months in the US.  Whenever... Read More
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Vaccine for Nervousness

Our pastor asked us recently if we had any prayer requests and if he could pray for us. I honestly froze…can I even ask for more? He has provided us with a house, 2 cars, furniture, electronics, a good public school for our kids to go to, even down to toilet paper! How could we ever ask for more! First off, it is has truly been incredible to see God using people that we love and people who we have never met before to make us feel at home in the US. From the time I stepped off the... Read More
Posted by Richard Roseland at Sunday, January 8, 2017 | 5 comments
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Board Meetings

Monday December 12, 2016   Board meetings are a necessary suffering. Notice I didn’t say evil.  Board meetings are not evil.  But almost no one likes going to board meetings.  Especially not me. There are two boards that I voluntarily serve on.  One is the Orphanos Board of Trustees.  We meet about four times a year and as the CEO it’s my role to facilitate the transmitting of all kinds of information to them so we as a group can make informed... Read More
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December 19, 2017   Two weeks ago, I was blessed to make my first visit to Bolivia.  It’s a lovely country in South America with a lovely culture and lovely people. Truly. Orphanos has a relatively new partnership in a city called Cochabamba with an orphanage named “Daughters of the King.”  The 10 young girls who call this place home were so fun to spend time with.  Fortunately, there were no board meetings for me to attend so I could spend most of my... Read More
Posted by Wayne Sneed at Friday, December 9, 2016 | 2 comments
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God is most glorified in me when….

We’re in a bit of a rough three months.  I’m not sure if it’s over.  No.  Actually, I’m confident it’s not. There’s a purification process going on in our lives.  A tearing away. A clarifying of priorities.  We’ve said for years’ certain things are priorities in our lives, and now we’re being challenged as to if our words match our hearts. They didn’t. And the purification process is hurting. About 6... Read More
Posted by Wayne Sneed at Thursday, December 8, 2016 | 3 comments
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The Nations at my Door

The opportunity to affect the nations sometimes is a lot easier than you think.  Case in point this evening.  Angela and Audrey are on a little mother-daughter road trip, so little Aly and I are spending the next few days alone.  I thought I would start things out right and take her to dinner at a new Mexican place very close to our home.  We were the only customers, so the owner came out and pulled up a chair to talk.  That’s what I get for greeting him in... Read More
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We’re going back….way back!!! Well, not that far back. But in the midst of the move and the chaos surrounding it, we didn’t have time to update you on the last few months before the move…and some incredible stuff happened! In July, we had the pleasure of receiving our last mission’s team from the US while living in Ecuador. It was a group from the Fellowship of Oso Creek out of Corpus Christi, Texas who has visited us a few times while in Quito. We had... Read More
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My Confession About Watching Cheerleaders

Hello again!  Clearly I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus from blogging.  The last blog entry was September of 2015.  Oops. Sorry about that.  I’ve no excuse, except that these are hard to write and I’ve been busy enough that procrastinating writing a blog was easy to do.  Thanks for your patience. I’ll try to give you a quick summary of things before I provide my “Confession About Watching Cheerleaders”.  We decided late last... Read More
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Be Still

Dear friends, I promise I haven’t fallen off the radar although I have spent some time off-grid recently.  I took some much needed time in the mountains of Colorado being refreshed and focused on writing my book.  It was the perfect place to be as I was removed from all distractions:  TV, phones, radio, email, etc.  No signal…to anything.  Just the Lord, and that was what I needed.  As I wrote about my journey I was hesitant to draft certain... Read More
Posted by Andrea Gehrett at Wednesday, September 21, 2016 | 5 comments
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Everything That Glitters

     A childhood dream of mine was to be a barrel racer in the rodeo.  One small problem existed; I didn’t have a horse.  But it didn’t matter though.  I still fancied what it would be like blasting through the gate hugging the edge of each barrel, circling each one with precision and kicking up as much dust as possible racing the hands of time as I rocketed across the arena.          Although that dream never... Read More
Posted by Andrea Gehrett at Thursday, June 16, 2016 | 18 comments
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Say Yes to Children