What is Isaac Children’s Home’s vision?

Isaac Children’s Home’s goal is to provide a Christian education so that the children can become productive, responsible citizens. Our final goal is that they become independent socially with a positive worldview.

How did the ministry start?

Isaac Home was started for the orphans who lost their parents during the Korean War, much like many other orphanages in Korea. The Kim family founded this orphanage as a way to give back to the Korean society as an extension of their Christian faith. In 1990 God provided the circumstances and finances for the orphanage to relocate to their present location and facility.

Where is Isaac Children’s Home located?

The Isaac Children’s Home is located in South Korea between Seoul and the DMZ. It is quietly situated right before the entrance to a large Korean National Park just north of the city of Seoul. Although very close to a major metropolitan area, ICH enjoys lush peaceful surroundings. They have two multistory buildings that they call home for around 100 children a year.

Who is on staff?

Mrs. Noh, wife of Mr. Kim (founders son), has been the office manager since 1977 and became director of the Isaac Home in 1996. She along with her very capable staff lovingly cares for the children and nurtures them in a Christian environment. From a child psychologist to kitchen staff to dorm parents, they have it all.

Who do they help and how do they come to be a part of their ministry?

They provide care for orphans. Most of their children come through government referrals. They come with a wide variety of backgrounds; abusive situations, street children, real orphans. Basically, they believe the Lord sends them the children they receive, and they do their best not to turn any of them down.

How many children are at Isaac Children’s Home?

As of this writing there are currently 90 children in the home ranging in age from 3 to 19.

What does Isaac Children’s Home provide for the children?

All of their school age children are attending public schools. Along with the education the children receive in town, they provide tutors (who are the volunteers and dorm mothers) for the children who help them with their homework. 


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