Internship Program

Our Internship Program is typically utilized by college graduates seeking to serve on the mission field before beginning their careers. The trip’s emphasis is personally set up to match the skill sets of the individual with the needs of the host. The intent of the service is to provide an opportunity for the individual to learn about serving as a missionary and as a result consider a career in serving children at risk.


Training: Information on topics such as travel safety, cultural issues, biblical perspectives, personal growth and many others 

Administrative Support: Coordination of trip logistics including flights, lodging, food, transportation 

Communication: Regular targeted email blasts that go to just your donor list. This is good for newsletter updates, blog updates, and notification of emergency needs. 

Individual Donor List Management: Includes keeping addresses, phone contacts, and emails as current as possible. 

Financial Support: Manage trip finances and donations responsibly, with NO FEE for our service!


  • Know Jesus Christ as your personal savior
  • Agree with our doctrinal statement 
  • Adhere to our moral/ethical behavioral policy
  • Experience working with children 
  • Formal Bible or Missionary training before trip 
  • Update monthly blog for our website 
  • Exhibit a high value communication, especially with our office 


This internship program includes all Orphanos training material as well as additional training at MTI (http://mti.org/homepage.htm), or similar program, before departing. Their specialized training requires some additional fundraising, but the benefits of their expertise have proven extremely beneficial on the field. *All applications are approved/declined on an individual basis by the staff and Board of Orphanos. Exceptions can be made, but all decisions by Orphanos are final.     
If you need more information or are interested in applying for our Internship Program, please contact Bethany at bethany@orphanos.org. 

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