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Our impact is much greater than fulfilling physical needs and providing emotional stability. We seek to do the Lord's work in caring for these children and providing for their caretakers. Jesus makes Himself known to these children.

Yi, Seul's Story

Real Stories about Real Children at Risk

Age of Child: August 14, 2002 (13 years old)
Gender: Female
Country: Korea
Children’s Home: Isaac Home

1. How long have you been a part of this child’s life?
31 months.

2. What was this child’s life like before your ministry?
She was abused by her father at home so she was to sent Isaac Home. She looked depressed and was afraid of adults at first. She was violent and did not talk to other kids at all. Sometimes her reaction was so exaggerated we thought that she might be trying to "build a wall" and keep others out.

3. How has your ministry invested in them?
At first I tried to give her special concern but I felt that she was uncomfortable with it. So I decided to have a close relationship to her through daily activities and conversation. I taught her manners and Isaac Home rules through a special program. I went to her school to have a meeting with her teacher and figured out her school life. Finally we could have a common point and she started to open her mind.

4. What is their life like now?
She seems to be happy with Isaac Home but she had problems with new friends at school at the beginnings of the new school year and refused to go to school . After counseling with her teacher, she was okay. Now she has a friend who can share her private life story. She is not ashamed to live in an orphanage anymore. Her school grades are not that good, but she gets perfect scores in music. She loves music.

5. What does their future hold? List any good quotes from the child.
At this point she looks comfortable and happy at our home. If I work together with her continuously she will be a beautiful girl who can love herself and know how to love others. She wants to be a pastry cook and bake cookies, cakes full of her love. She wants to share her pastries with orphans so that they will be able to forget that their parents abandoned them. I believe that she will be a good pastry cook someday.

6. What good quote can you say about this child?
When new school starts she had an argument with her friends often and insist that she is the only one that is right. Whenever that happens I told her that she should have an understanding heart of others and think about her own fault. But she did not accept it and cried. This happened several times. One day, the little ones fought and they blamed each other. Seul saw that scene and let them sit and hold their hands and talk about what she heard from her dorm mother.
"You should have an understanding heart for each other and think about your own faults."
I thought that, even though she did not do what I said, she remembered what I said to her. She knew what is right and what is wrong.


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