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Our impact is much greater than fulfilling physical needs and providing emotional stability. We seek to do the Lord's work in caring for these children and providing for their caretakers. Jesus makes Himself known to these children.

Gosha's Story

Real Stories about Real Children at Risk

Name of Child: Gosha
Age of Child: 30
Country: Russia
Children’s Home: (Was) The Harbor

1. How long have you been a part of this child’s life?
11 years

2. What was this child’s life like before your ministry?
Gosha was raised in the orphanage state system his entire childhood. He does not know his father and his mother died so he has never known the parental love and care. He was lost, confused and hopeless. When he left the orphanage at the age of 18, he was not prepared at all for successful integration. In the orphanage he was not taught life and social skills, and morally and psychologically he was empty. He felt broken the first week after leaving the orphanage and felt into depression and even wanted to commit suicide by jumping from the 9th floor. He believes that God stopped him from killing himself. He was accepted into a trade school and it was there when he first heard about The Harbor and agreed to come to us.

3. How has your ministry invested in them?
He came to The Harbor from a trade school and end up being part of our ministry for 4 years. During that time he learned social and life skills, completed his trade school degree, quit smoking and drinking, found the purpose in life and most of all he found the Lord and was baptized. We helped him with the housing and fixed his room in a communal apartment. Thanks to The Harbor he gained tremendous work ethics and was hired at McDonalds where he worked for 5 years and got to the manager’s position. He became active at his church helping with sound system and children’s ministry. Pastor Ivan was also The Harbor spiritual formation leader at that time. Gosha is on fire for the Lord and received a vision to become an evangelist. Shortly after his graduation from The Harbor he went for three months to YWAM DTS School. Afterwards he was a missionary for two months. Upon his return to St. Petersburg he applied to a Bible school that was affiliated with St. Petersburg Christian University, but decided to quit after 3 months because he felt this school was not what he wanted. He wants to go to a specialized evangelist school, which is part of YWAM in Vladivostok, Russia and eventually become a full-time missionary in preaching the Word.

4. What is their life like now?
Has two different degrees from two different trade schools. He works as a sales rep at the lumber construction company. He is an active member at his church and been baptized by the Holy Spirit. Been freed from the Orphan Spirit and God has become a true Father for him. He is an athlete so likes to go to a fitness center and also loves skating. He is a productive and active citizen in the society. He attends weekly Bible studies and reads lots of books. He is saving the funds for mission’s school.

5. What does their future hold?
Soon he will attend Mission’s school in Vladivostok, graduate and will become full-time missionary evangelist. He will be The Harbor first missionary and will be the hands and the feet of Christ in saving the lost souls and share the love of our Father with those who have been deprived of his love.

6. What good quote can you say about this child?
“My unknowing future is in the hands of the all-knowing-God.”

“God loves you more in a moment than anyone could in a life time.”


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