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Our impact is much greater than fulfilling physical needs and providing emotional stability. We seek to do the Lord's work in caring for these children and providing for their caretakers. Jesus makes Himself known to these children.

Nancy's Story

Real Stories about Real Children at Risk

Name of Child: Nancy
Age of Child: 8
Country: Bolivia
Children’s Home: Daughters of the King Orphanage

1. How long have you been a part of this child’s life?
5 months

2. What was this child’s life like before your ministry?
She hated school, she said her teacher would hit her or yell at her for not reading. Her mom also disciplined her excessively.

3. How has your ministry invested in them?
She came to us not knowing how to read, she couldn’t recognize the letters of the alphabet, even though she was in the third grade. She has an above average IQ, so we had her tested. We found a special education teacher her is tutoring her and is now learning to read. She is now learning how to share, tell the truth, values she never exercised before.

4. What is their life like now?
She is enjoying school, making friends, and thrilled that she learned to swim with our Orphanos intern. She is a natural in the water. She has so much more confidence in her ability to learn new things.

5. What does their future hold?
Now that she is learning to read, she will excel in school. She has great comprehension and reasoning skills that her future look very bright now.

6. List any good quotes from the child.
Her teacher is on maternity leave, and Nancy said, “I can’t wait until my teacher comes back so I can surprise her by reading to her, she is going to be so surprised!”


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