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Our impact is much greater than fulfilling physical needs and providing emotional stability. We seek to do the Lord's work in caring for these children and providing for their caretakers. Jesus makes Himself known to these children.

Yoo, Sung -il's Story

Real Stories about Real Children at Risk

Name of Child : Yoo, Sung -il
Age of Child : April 8, 1998 (17 years old)
Gender: Male
Country: Korea
Children’s Home: Isaac Home

1. How long have you been a part of this child’s life?
7th grade ~ 11th grade (5 years)

2. What was this child’s life like before your ministry?
His mom remarried and he had to live with his step father. One day his mom was possessed by a spirit and became an exorcist fortune teller. His step father was a drunkard and beat him often. Somebody reported to children's protection organization. They sent him to our home.

3. How has your ministry invested in them?
He looked very unstable at first. He was excessively kind. I thought that this kind of his reaction was because he was so fearful. Maybe he wanted to protect himself by not causing any problems. The professional counselor who was volunteering did counsel with him. The counselor told us that he is afraid of building relationship with other people. I tried to give him the impression that we are family and friends as much as I can. His attitude was changing slowly and finally he accepted us as his family. He loved to play basketball so that he could have special bond between players. Now his kindness turned out to be a caring attitude not a protective device.

4. What is their life like now?
His school life is excellent. Academically, his grades are pretty high and his behavior is very good. He is thoughtful and had a great reputation among his friends. He is a junior and he wants to go to college but has no money. He is trying to get several certificates and trying to get a better grade so that he can earn a scholarship.

5. What does their future hold?
He wants to live with his mom when he grows up. I tell him that the importance of getting a stable job. I think he will get a job relating to computers. He wants to study computer in college.

6. List any good quotes from the child. What good quote can you say about this child?
He had a hard time to make a new relationships with people and was very timid. Now he is strong physically and has a confidence in basketball, he is changing into a leader and became a president of Isaac Home student council.


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