The Harbor


Gardening is hard work. While it’s not a direct passion of mine, I respect those who put in the grueling hours of work. Once planted, some seeds produce a fruit right away, some need a bit more time and others never come out of the earth.

Naturally, I’ve been thinking about Jesus’ parable of the sower in Matthew 13. Often times, we lose sight that our job is to be the one scattering the seed, telling others about the Kingdom of God.

That’s what The Harbor has been doing in Russia for nearly 20 years. They locate teenage orphans who have left the state system and offer education, job training, life skills and emotional and relational help. On top of that, they’re implanting seeds of the gospel in hope that these young people encounter Jesus.

That’s what happened to our friend Gosha.

His relationship with Jesus began at The Harbor before he graduated 15 years ago. He was baptized and heard the Spirit’s calling to be a missionary to unsaved souls. Gosha has remained faithful to the Lord these past years and is now answering that call as he heads to an autonomous region of Russia this summer with plans of becoming a full-time missionary. The soil he encounters will likely be untilled, but Gosha realizes that God is the one who gives any growth!

I was encouraged to hear that by God’s grace these gospel seeds planted at The Harbor have grown. I am grateful to hear of Gosha’s obedience to the Great Commission. Please join me in praying for this young man as he prepares to go.