Memorial / In Honor of Gift

Gifts in memory or in honor of a loved one or friend are wonderful ways to pay tribute to the special people in your life and help children at risk. Each tribute gift is acknowledged to the honored individual or next of kin.

Steps for giving a Memorial / In Honor Gift:

  • Indicate that your contribution is a memorial gift or tribute gift 

  • Include the name(s) of those being recognized 

  • Provide the names and addresses of anyone who you wish to receive an acknowledgment of their donation 

  • If donating online, simply write the above information in the comment box; if you are mailing in a check, please enclose the above information in the memo of the check.

When a memorial or tribute gift is received by Orphanos, a letter is sent to any persons that the donor indicates should receive an acknowledgment card. This may include the family of the deceased or the person being recognized, informing them of your kindness.

Give Through Your Work

Combined Federal Campaign

We are an approved charitable organization for all federal government workers. Simply designate Orphanos as your desired charity during the Combined Federal Campaign. CFC # 45397

United Way

Orphanos is also a United Way approved charity. We do not regularly receive United Way funds as part of their budget allocation process. However, individuals can designate a gift to Orphanos on their United Way pledge form. This is one way to give to an employers-approved activity and still give to a cause you personally believe in.

Here’s How the United Way Collection Works:
  • You determine your gift level. Let’s say it’s $100/month ($1,200 per year).

  • Your employer will deduct your contribution from your pay. Your employer sends them to United Way and United Way collects them and forwards them to Orphanos - minus about 17% for their overhead.

  • So, in our example, Orphanos would receive $1,000 and the United Way would keep roughly $200.

As you can see, it is more efficient to give straight to Orphanos. But, this designated United Way pledge is another way to support Orphanos and keep your employer happy by supporting United Way as well.

Corporate Sponsorship

Orphanos has a Corporate Sponsorship opportunity where companies can allow employees to give to Orphanos through payroll deductions. If your company does not currently give to an outside organization or participate in the Combined Federal Campaign or United Way we would love to come meet with your company and explain how they can become a Corporate Sponsor. This requires very little on the employer and depends more on the employees. 

Planned Giving

A gift by Will or other gift-planning vehicle can be an excellent way of supporting Orphanos. Planned giving is finding ways to make charitable gifts now or after your lifetime while enjoying financial benefits for yourself today. Planned gifts are sometimes referred to as "stop-and-think" gifts because they require some planning and, often, help from your professional advisors. Unlike cash donations, they are typically made from assets in your estate rather than disposable income.

Estate planning options are many and varied. Here are just a few of the estate planning options available:

  • Make a planned gift of real estate, personal property, appreciated stock or securities.

  • Designate Orphanos as a contingent beneficiary on an existing life insurance policy or donate a policy that you no longer need.

  • Establish an endowed fund or charitable trust, or add Orphanos to an existing charitable trust.

  • Include Orphanos in your will, trust, or financial and insurance plans.

  • Name Orphanos as a beneficiary of a retirement, savings or checking account to help your family avoid probate and estate taxes.

All of these options make a meaningful gift while helping you reach your financial goals at the same time. We understand that it is only by working together that we can make a difference in the lives of children. For more information about planned giving contact us or contact your financial advisor.

Long-term Capital Endowment

Like most of our giving, we handle this one quietly. We do not plan to have a formal Capital Campaigns. No bells and whistles.

The Capital Endowment provides long-term financial stability for Orphanos.

We give towards the kids' needs from the earnings in the good times. We take judiciously from the principal when things are tight. The Board of Trustees for Orphanos must authorize spending from the principal. Their criteria for reducing the principal is that we have no other recourse.

We grow the gifts by investing wisely with Longleaf Capital Partners, which should multiply your gifts over time. Hopefully, they can bear much fruit.

We are able to take one-time gifts, multi-year commitments, securities and many other forms of gifts. If you have any questions about whether we can accept a gift, please ask. We are delighted to discuss with you.

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