100% Pass Through

When you give to a specific home or missionary, 100% of your gift makes it there.

This means we even cover all credit cards fees and wire transfers for our partner missionaries and ministries to ensure they receive every penny. Online donations and credit card donations typically have a processing fee of 3%. Since we are committing to covering this cost for our partner ministries, we ask our donors if they are willing and able to contribute an additional 3% to their donation to help cover the fee. This helps us in the long run as we must fund raise separately to cover our overhead expenses.

We do not ask that you reduce your current gift to the missionary or ministry partner; we do not want to take away from what they are already receiving.

Overhead Expenses

Our Financials

Our financials are public record and available for you to look over. Consistently, our total overhead costs stay below 5%, and that includes our fundraising efforts. 

How is this possible?

  • Our home office missionaries fundraise their salaries just like our international missionaries.
  • Orphanos fundraises specifically for the overhead expenses through the Keep Our Lights On fund.
  • Our online donors often opt to cover the 3% processing fee so that we don't have to fundraise for that donation as well.

Check for yourself on our audited financial documents.

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Keep Our Lights On Fund

Our 100% pass through model is completely dependent on donors and sponsors who help us cover all our operating expenses. We believe our work here in Tennessee is vital to helping children at risk in the world, so we ask all donors to prayerfully consider supporting our office needs as well by contributing to the Keep Our Lights On Fund.

When you give to our Keep our Lights On Fund, you help us continue passing through 100% of the donors' designated gifts to the homes. Because of your added generosity, we are able to pay everything from salaries, to office rent, to utilities without taking a percentage of your gift to the children.

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