October 2016 

Training and Networking

 I was concerned with how to help our girls heal from the traumas they’ve experienced and the effects of not having the care they needed before coming to us. I am relieved and excited to announce that we are now better equipped to help our princesses.  The Orphanos Foundation held a training retreat for their missionaries this month, and I left the training with the tools and answers we needed.  I also had the opportunity to network directors of orphanages and missionaries who work with kids at risk.  I took every opportunity to ask them lots of questions and soak up as much information as possible!   


Number of Teens Growing

One of the girls turned 13 this week and thanks to our local partners, she had a wonderful birthday party.  There were lots of snacks, an ice-cream cake (her favorite), gifts and lots of guests.  We now have three teens at home, 13, 15 and 16.  The next birthday is in November and she is turning 7!  We celebrate every birthday individually for our girls, it’s one of the benefits of having an orphanage that is smaller, with a family-like atmosphere.


How Do You Feel?

One of the tendencies of kids that grow up in group homes, is not knowing how to share their feelings, and some are not even able to identify how the feel.  This is one of the topics covered in the Orphanos training.  Since it is our desire to help our princesses be successful in life, this is a concern that we cannot ignore.  This month, we are starting with activities and lessons to help our girls recognize and talk about their emotions.  This will take time but we are determined to help all of our girls heal emotionally.  



Marisol Soliz

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