November 2016

Cure for boredom

"I'm bored." How often will parents hear that phrase from their children? With so many girls in our home, we have definitely heard this phrase a few times. We decided to help our princesses with talking about why they may feel this way, when it comes and what to do with boredom.   We also prepared a cure for boredom! The girls helped paint popsicle sticks on which they wrote an activity, game, or something they can do. It’s not by chance that we did this activity with the girls this month; we are close to summer vacation and this cure will come in handy in the months to come. 


The Dinosaur Park

Each month we have a special outing for our girls. We do so in part for fun, but also for learning how to behave in public and to know more about their city. This month, we took our girls to a neighboring town, to the Dinosaur Park. They liked the dinosaur themed playground, statues of dinosaurs, but the most popular among the girls was the enormous dinosaur slide.


Summer vacation is near!

The school season is from February to the end November in Bolivia.  This means we are in full preparation.  We create a workbook for each child to use during our 20-minute study time from Monday to Friday.  We also prepare a summer reading book list for each grade level, that if they complete the list they get a special prize.  Once vacation starts our first activity is recycling notebooks and school papers. Surprisingly, the kids don’t mind sorting through the piles of notebooks and papers.  We can then take our huge bags of sorted paper to recycling centers that give us lots of rolls of toilet paper in return.  



Marisol Soliz

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