December 2016

Learning a trade

It’s our desire that all of our girls continue their studies after high school and become successful adults, but in Bolivia, it’s not enough to have one profession.  I have met quite a few taxi drivers with degrees that could not find work in their field.  For this reason, our two teens have been enrolled in seamstress school.  They go to this training school two hours a day, five days a week.  For now, the girls are excited about designing and making their own clothes, yet this is much more.  They will have a tool they can use for their family or as a second income if the need arises.  


Special Visit

Daughters of the King Home partners with the Orphanos Foundation, and this month we had the honor of receiving the CEO of Orphanos!  Wayne encouraged our staff and board members, and had lots of time to play with our princesses.  Along with all of our girls, we took him up to the Cristo Statue to get a great view of the city of Cochabamba.  For some of our girls this was their first trip to the Cristo.  Jazmin just stared at the city and asked, “all of this Cochabamba?”   The girls had a great time with Tío Wayne (Uncle Wayne), and the day after he left, they asked when is he coming back.  


They grow up so fast!

When D came to the Daughters of the King, she was 5 ½ years old and a shy and insecure little girl.  This month we celebrated her 7th birthday and now D is a joyful,  energetic child.  She had a fun birthday party with the girls, local partners and the staff.  This month, we have two more birthday parties:  N will be turning 17 and J has her 11th birthday coming up.  


Thank you so much for making 2016 so special for our girls, thank you for being a part of the Daughters of the King family!  Wishing you a very blessed Christmas!



Marco & Marisol

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