Over the holidays I had the privilege of going hunting with my dad, brother, nephew and sons, a tradition that has been passed down in my family for generations.  However, this was the first time my boys got to experience it, and as I walked through the woods with them there were two burning questions on my mind, “Do I know enough about this to teach them?  Am I prepared?”  I shared safety tips and the basics about hunting, but I felt inadequate at times when I was alone with the boys and my dad wasn’t there by my side sharing his pointers too on how to hunt the big “trophy”.  However, I knew he wasn’t far away and I could ask him for direction if I needed to.               

As the boys and I settled in and waited I had quite a few hours to think about how all this relates to our Heavenly Father and what He has asked us to do.  “Preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort, with great patience and instruction.” (2 Timothy 4:2) I must be ready.  We must all be ready.  In order to teach we must first know what we are talking about.  If our Father expects us to instruct then shouldn’t we be prepared by knowing His word before we teach it?  Isn’t our ultimate trophy and prize a relationship with our Father and assurance we will be with Him in Heaven?                 

It began to pour down rain as the boys and I sat in the woods.  We decided to tough it out and hope for the best.  We were wet, cold and I admit, miserable…but we knew the prize would be worth it.  Isn’t that just like life?  How many times have we had to endure misery, but held on to Jesus because we know He is the PRIZE and He is WORTH it!                

Evening approached and although we were sitting in the same spot we had been sitting in for hours, I saw a dark stump in the distance I had not noticed in the preceding hours (and hoped it would be the deer we had been patiently waiting for!).  As the light changed so did my perspective.   I saw the same forest differently.  God’s word gives us different perspective and helps us see more clearly as His light shines down on us and washes away our insecurities or fears.  In fact, when we doubt whether we are prepared to disciple and teach others, the Lord reminds us He will never leave or forsake us.                 

I feel a heavy burden to first disciple and teach my children.  If I don’t teach them then how do they grow up and teach their children?  I want to leave a legacy of sharing the gospel, and it’s a scary thought to think that it could only be one or two generations before that is lost if I don’t do what I am commanded by instilling those values in them and show them how to be disciples too!                 

The church plant our family is involved with launches this Sunday.  My husband and I feel led to teach in the children’s ministry.  In a large church it’s easy to hesitate and let someone else step up to the plate, but I am glad to be a part of a small group of committed believers who all want to give up their time so willingly.  Without a doubt I know the Lord has us there to TEACH.  My husband has already been asked to teach a small Bible fellowship group in a few months, and the Lord is nudging me to lead a women’s bible study.  I never thought I would be a teacher, and I often feel like Moses saying “Lord why me?  Who am I to lead or teach someone else?!”  But then again, I love Him too much not to surrender and let Him do His work through me.  I am so thankful He allows me to do His Kingdom work!                

I pray that we ask ourselves this New Year if we are ready to preach the gospel.  If not, let’s ask the Lord to cleanse our hearts, teach us how to be His disciples and give us the courage to teach and press on towards the ultimate prize!

Posted by Andrea Gehrett at 11:12 AM

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