daughter's of the king in bolivia


Establish a home for girls where the beneficiaries develop a healthy and mature spiritual life, are able to reach their maximum potential in their talents and abilities to escape the cycle of poverty from which they came, and complete the calling of God for their lives. 


Daughters of the King Orphanage provides a warm and loving family environment where girls can grow knowing they are valued and loved by God.  A home were they heal emotionally, have all of their basic needs met, grow in strong values, receive a good education and develop their talents and abilities.


Bolivia is one of the poorest nations in South America, with close to 60% living in conditions of poverty.  This is one of the contributors to the large number of children living in institutions.  Cochabamba, the 3rd largest department in Bolivia has around 90 institutions for children with a little over 4,000 children.  These government run homes over the past few years have become extremely over-crowded.  There are several Christian run homes in Cochabamba, but due to the increased inflation, many are no longer taking new children into their orphanages.  There is a pressing need for loving, God-centered homes for these precious little ones that have been abandoned.

December 2016

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