September 2016

It’s  not the first year when we organize the camping in the mountains or forest. But this year all our plans crushed  and we experienced very interesting and unexpected journey.

It all began with one organization that officially invites youth and go to the forest for camping. This year we decided to join them in order to meet new kids and to invite them to the camp. 

But on the agreed day the guy from that organization who was supposed to lead our trip didn’t appear, though the kids gathered on the meeting point. So we decided take a lead by ourselves. At first we needed to take a train to go to a station in a small village that lays near the forest. So we took a train and suddenly we realized that this little village has 2 stations!!! And of course we went off the train on the wrong station. That was just the beginning of our surprising journey! The further the more interesting! Suddenly it started to rain. It rained 6 times in that day! When the rain stopped mosquitos strived on us, I think no mosquito was left hungry that day! I am afraid to make you tired with all these details, but!!! I like such journeys the most! Astana lays in the steppe, there is no forest or mountains lay near the city, absolutely flat and dry! That’s why all leaders and kids love to go to the forest, even though it takes time to reach that nature. During our trip we didn’t miss any big stone, any tree, took pictures everywhere. We enjoyed laying on the grass, talking with kids, playing games.  

Long ago, in 2006 we’ve also experienced such extreme trip with Ust-Kamenogorsk team and kids and even though it was hard and out of our plans, everyone still remembers that journey. I think this journey will be also in our memories for a long time and it will be funny to remember what’s happened that day!   

-Yulia (Astana)

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